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The main desk consists of the following:

The M+M Studio Is Now Dolby Atmos Compatible 

• Intel I7 Quad Core Processors w 128 Gigs of RAM
• Steinberg Cubase v10 Pro
• Steinberg WaveLab v9.5• 42 Inch Monitor
• Icon Pro Audio QCon ProX  And 2 Extenders
• Pro Tools V 12
• Solid State Logic Duende
• Yamaha NS10-M Monitors
• Adam SH3 Main Monitors

Analog Tape Transfer Service

  • We now also offer the following services:
  • 24/48  Track 2” Analog Tape to digital File transfer
  • 1/4” 2 track Analog Tape to digital  File transfer
  • Adat 16 & 20 Bit Digital  Bit Transfer
  • 1/2 8 Track Tascam 38 Transfer
  • Cassette To Digital 48k 24 bit File transfer

We also provide Tape Baking as part of the transfer service, should it be necessary.

For rates and turnaround information or if you have any questions please feel free to contact us

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